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Grocers in bygone Faversham

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Deborah Harding    13 Mar 2011
I wonder if anyone can help, I am looking for the name of a grocery store in Faversham town centre 1955-56. The person who ran the shop was a cousin of my grandfather and I believe they had a son who would have been 20-21 at the time.

It has been suggested to me that the name was Froment but as we are talking 55 years ago I am taking that with a pinch of salt.

Thank You
Roger Ely    25 Apr 2018

My  grandfather and his family ran a grocer's shop in lower west street until  about 1960. Roger Ely

David King    10 Apr 2017

I recall going to school with a Peter Mann, whose father owned a greengrocer's shop in Preston St.  I also remember, slightly, a gentleman known as Harry Knowles,who owned similar in the same street. I have a vague memory of a Covington's in West Street too.

In addition,some of my former neighbours, Mr & Mrs Rand also had connections with the greengrocery trade I believe.

I worked, very briefly, at the Co-op store on the Grocery side, in the 60's. Wasn't there a VI's in Preston St., trading as general grocers too?










Jenni Edwards    20 Oct 2016

Thank you so much for posting this information. I noticed a photo in The Sun pub which shows International Stores. I was wondering what type of shop it was and what they sold. It is difficult to tell from the picture. You solved the mystery! 

Rose (nee Palmer)    14 Jul 2014

I worked as a bookkeeper in International Stores until 1967. Mr Bullard was the manager. My uncle & aunt had a sweet shop in Court Street.

Peter Stevens    20 Jun 2013
Before the supermarkets there were many grocers shops in the town centre including:

Court Street - Holmes, 'Goodwin, Foster,Brown'
Market Street - Maypole
Preston Street - International, Walker'World Stores, Home & Colonial, Co-op, Hulkes Bros, Cruikshanks
West Street - Webb & Co, C E Ely, Co-op
St.Mary's Road - Co-op
There were small corner shops in most roads but I never came across the name Froment. He could have been employed in any of them.

Peter Stevens
Jude Sach    08 May 2013
My Grandfather worked for Bassants in Queen's Parade, East Street.  I'm not sure when it closed but I have a photo of them winning a prize for best company vehicle (or something) in the 1930s.
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