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Willson family tree

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George Robert Willson    19 May 2013
In tracing our family tree, we have a copy of the marriage certificate of Robert Willson and Mary Curling dated 30 Sept,1839.

Some of the descendants emigrated to Canada, and we have a record of those people. I am interested in tracing other possible branches of either the Willson or Curling families.The marriage took place in the Faversham Parish Church. I would be interested in knowing which Parish Church.

I plan on travelling from Canada to Faversham in August. Whom should I contact to see if there are any records?

Thanks for any help you may give me.

 Robert Willson
Arthur Percival    26 Jun 2013

1) Which way are you wanting to go - backwards or forwards?

2) Have you been in touch with Ed Willson in Spruce Grove, Alberta, if he's still around?

3) As Jude hinted, there's only one parish church for Faversham, as such.

Best wishes

Arthur (for The Faversham Society - see
Peter Stevens    22 Jun 2013
Another item which may be of interest - Alfred WILLSON, a labourer, 81, was interred in Faversham Cemetery 3/2/1925, plot A 499.
Peter Stevens    21 Jun 2013
I agree, Curling is a Faversham name. You may like to know that in 1887 George J Willson, a dental surgeon was in practice at 38 Preston Street and in 1901 George Willson, dentist, aged 24, was living at Craythorne, 29 Newton Road.

Peter Stevens
Jude Sach    11 Jun 2013
I would suggest that you start with the Parish Church -  I certainly recognise Curling as a Faversham name.  

Hope you enjoy your visit to our little town!
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