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Re-visiting father's birthplace

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Dennis Palmer    17 Jul 2013
My father, Jesse Palmer, was born in Faversham in 1897 "in the last house on the right-hand side of Briton Road. The front door of the house faces Saxon Road". He died in Adelaide (South Australia) in December 1999.

I am planning a trip to the UK next year and would like to visit Faversham. The only previous time that I visited was about 30 years ago, only to find almost everything closed. I think it was a Thursday and that was apparently the custom then. Is this still the case?

I will be touring the UK on a self-drive holiday, possibly by motor-home or possibly by regular car. Does anyone have any recommendations for a place to stay (for either mode) where I can get a real feel for the Faversham of today?

I took photos when I was last there of landmarks that Dad had mapped out from memory, and he was pleasantly surprised that most things were still recognisable. I wonder what changes the past 30 years have brought!! 
Peter Stevens    27 Jul 2013
Thursday was the early closing day in Faversham many years ago but not now. You will find details on this site of where to stay if and when you decide to come

We happen to be distant relations and in fact I have  today had a brief visit from your cousin, Glenda Marshall, who is over here from South Australia. Having seen your message she will be in touch when she returns home in a week or so.
Best wishes.

Peter Stevens
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