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The surname Gange

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Tony Gange    10 Nov 2013
Hi, i wonder if anyone could tell me if Gange Mews is named after anyone in particular, myself being a Gange, i was aware that Kent was the likely home of my early ancestors, it would be interesting to see if there are any of note, i also know that there is something in Canterbury cathedral that was either made or relates to a Gange, could anyone enlighten me on this.

Your replies will be gratefully received.

Thank you
Peter Stevens    16 Nov 2013
Peter Baldock is quite correct. Gange Mews is built on land on which Dr FW Gange, who practised at 40 Court Street, kept his car and his chauffeur lived in Middle Row on the south side of what is now the gated entrance to Gange Mews.

 In addition to Dr FW Gange, in the 1930s there was Dr Christopher Gange at 18 Newton Road.

 The booklet A History of the Faversham Cottage Hospital lists among the honorary medical staff,  Dr F Abner Gange (1887-1905), Dr FW Gange (1897-1948), and  Dr CO Phillips Gange (1948-78). The booklet says: "With the death of Dr Christopher Gange a chapter in the medical history of Faversham came to a close. For over 120 years father, son, grandson and great grandson had served Faversham and District with distinction and dedication."

Their biographies are included and I would be happy to provide copies if you are interested.
Peter Baldock    14 Nov 2013
Gange Mews, as you know, is next to the cinema, which I own.

I am led to believe Gange Mews is named after Dr Gange who owned the land there.


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