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Looking for an old friend

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Raymond Hughes    13 Jan 2017

This a long shot, but I am looking for an ex-pupil of the William Gibbs School. Her maiden name was Lynn or Linda McCormic. She would be about 73/74 now. She was originally from Herne Bay, but I am given to understand she married someone from Faversham, possibly with the surname Fox.  I live in the Orkney Islands now, but used to live in Herne Bay and attend Queen Elizabeth’s Grammar School. My email address is
Barrie Vinten    29 May 2017

This is a response to Raymond Hughes about his "Looking for an old friend" entry on the Forum.

I am guessing that you are the Raymond Hughes who started in Form 1 North at Queen Elizabeth's Grammar School, Faversham, in 1954. I remember the names of all 28 pupils who were in that Form (sad isn't it).

 I have looked on Ancestry and have found the marriage, in the 1st quarter of 1964, of a Linda J McCormick (born 2nd quarter of 1944, in Willesden) to a Peter R Fox (born 2nd quarter of 1942, in Sittingbourne). The marriage was registered in the Bridge District.

If this is the correct Linda McCormick then her family must have moved from Willesden to Herne Bay at some time. As you can see, she was 19, going on 20, and Peter 21, going on 22, when they married.

That's the best I can do but hope it's of interest to you.


Barrie Vinten, now living in Rugby, Warwickshire.

PS. Form 1N in 1954: Amor, Amos, Avent, Bartlett, Cleaver, Coffey, Davies, Drury, Goodall, Hudson, Hughes, Hughes (you), James, Kendall, Mather, Newman, Oliver, Porter, Relton, Ribbans, Richardson, Roberts, Sackett, Stevens, Thompson, Vinten (me), Whymark, Wright.

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