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Rogers family of Sheldwich, 1841 and 1851

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margaret brown    11 Apr 2007
I live in New Zealand and am doing some family tree research about my ancestors the Rogers family from the Sheldwich and Molash area.

In 1841 my gr gr grandfather William Rogers was a farmer living in Fisher Street, Picking (??) Forstal hamlet, Sheldwich. I can't find Picking Forstal on the map, please can anyone tell me if this is a place (the writing on the census was hard to read).

Also William's brother Charles and family were the previous entry on the 1841 census and it looked like they were at Grub Scarf house (Grove scarf?? Glebe scarf??).

Charles was a gamekeeper and was still at the same address in 1851.

I would love to know more about the location and history of these places.

margaret brown    26 Jun 2011
Hi Valerie

Sorry I don't know of any direction connection I have with your Mary Ann Rogers.  

However, my GG uncle Charles Rogers married Mary Ann Moore in 1816.  

They didn't have a daughter called Mary Ann but there may be connection somehow.  

Sorry I can't be of more help


margaret brown    26 Jun 2011
Hi Peter

I saw your post about your Rogers ancestors. I don't have any direct ancestors called Joseph Rogers but several of my Rogers ancestors had brothers called Joseph so there may be a connection, eg William Rogers, my GG grandfather mentioned in my first post, had a brother Joseph b 1801 Molash.

William's father Robert also had a brother Joseph b 1762 Molash.  

If you have any Rogers info which might be relevant to my family I'd love to see it please.  

Regards Margaret
margaret brown    26 Jun 2011

Hi Martin, sorry I didn't see your September post (haven't checked this website for ages). Thank you very much for the info about Wm Rogers leasing the land in Sheldwich.

Do you have dates for that please or any other info?  A relative of mine sent me a photos of Fisher Street Farm, Badlesmere, which she thinks was the home of some of the Rogers family, too.

Is our ancestor Joseph Rogers the son of Mary (nee Scott) and Thomas Rogers? Mary and Thomas are my GGGG grandparents. Their son Robert was my GGG grandfather. William was his son.

Regards Margaret

valerie williamson    29 Jan 2011
Dear Margaret, Martin and Peter

My great grandmother was Mary Ann Rodgers who was born in Newchurch, Tenterden, not, I know, in the Faversham or Sheldwich area but I have found during my research that nearly all my ancestors were farm labourers, living in tied accommodation, who appeared, judging by the censuses, to have moved around a great deal in Kent, presumably to find work. 

Mary Ann married James Percival in Throwley on 16 October 1875, aged 16, and they had 12 children before she died in Faversham in 1916.

Regarding the Elvy family, my great great grandfather, Edward Percival, born 08/04/1827, in Ickham, Kent married Jane Elizabeth Elvey (born 1838), his second wife, at Bridge, Kant, in June, 1864.

I do not have the names or dates of either Mary Ann's or Jane Elizabeth's parents or any siblings. Can you help?
peter rogers    14 Jan 2011
Hi Martin

I am descended from several bricklayers called  Joseph Rogers who lived at various times in Faversham, Sheldwich and the Molash/Leaveland/Throwley areas. 

I have some info on the Rogers family in Molash. 

Please let me know if you would like me to send scans of what I have.

Best wishes,


Martin Bird    02 Sep 2010
Hello Margaret,

I have just noticed your quest to find Picking Forstal and Rogers ancestors. I am currently researching my ancestors from the same area as you and you may be interested to know that I am related to a Joseph Rogers of Molash. His daughter Ann married my GGG grandfather Thomas Bird of Sheldwich in about 1847. His father, another Thomas, lived at Picking Forstal. 

I'm in the process of transcribing the tithe schedule for the parish of Sheldwich for the Kent Archeology Society. I notice that your ancestor William Rogers was an occupier of land called Pickend Shaw [wood] and Pickend Field (arable, 37 acres). 

They are numbered 205 and 207 on the corresponding map which unfortunately I have no access to at the moment but it is available to purchase via the Centre for Kentish Studies. You should be able to pinpoint exactly where Joseph Rogers lived from this map. He was paying rent to Rt Hon Lord George John Sondes who in turn was leasing the land from Corpus Christi College Oxford. 

I hope you find this useful. I would be interested to know if you have any links with Joseph Rogers = Elizabeth Elvy m 1787  (John, bap 1788, William bap 1790, Joseph bap 1793, Maria bap 1795, John bap 1800, Thomas bap 1801, Sarah bap 1804, Ann bap 1808, William bap 1809) Incidentally, Ann and Sarah both married Bird brothers, Thomas and Linch.

All the best for now.

Martin Bird
Coventry, UK
Arthur Percival    14 Apr 2007
At present we are unable to answer your specific enquiry. Picking Forstal seems to have been a name in use for only a short time and it's not clear to what hamlet it applied. It seems not to be marked on any 19th-century map, even large-scale ones.

Equally we cannot identify Grubs Cross (1841 Census HO-107-0475-17) or Grube carf House (1851 Census H0 107/1626-143-7). (I think what appears to be an 'S' before the 'c' of 'carf' may be the twirly end of the preceding 'e' in 'Grube').

All very puzzling, and we will work on it, if we can. You need to know that 'Forstal' is a common place-name element in Kent and is applied to small hamlets: literally it means the space in front of a farm.

What's specially irritating is that the houses concerned are probably still there, but with different names.

Arthur Percival
History consultant
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