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Abbey Street

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Miranda Davey    21 Apr 2007
Hi everyone.

I have a lot of activitiy on Abbey Street in the census over many years. The families moving up and down the street. Is anyone able to to  tell me, were the houses rental properties or multifamily homes or would my family have owned the various properties, having visited Faversham and seen the terraces for myself I wonder how some of my family could have managed, they were large families. Hope someone can shed some light for me.

valerie williamson    29 Jan 2011
Dear Miranda,

My grandmother, Louisa Mount moved to 89 Abbey Street with her husband, seven children and a baby on the way in 1918.  She and her husband lived there till they died in 1961. The house was rented. In 1918 the move was going to be a temporary one but as you see they were there for the rest of their lives.
Arthur Percival    28 Apr 2007

I doubt whether any houses in Abbey Street were owned by Rigdens. From the title deeds we (Faversham Society) have seen they were either owned by private landlords (and tenanted) or owner-occupied.
Miranda Davey    25 Apr 2007
Thank you Arthur. Yes, those were the census I was referring to. Herbert Alexander Long (my great Grandfather) worked for the Rigden Brewery in 1899. Would they have been his landlord or do you think  it would have been an independant landowner. I'm trying to understand what life would have been like at that time. kind regards, Mandy
Arthur Percival    24 Apr 2007
You don't say what period you're talking about, but presumably between 1841 and 1901.   Most of the houses in Abbey Street were then rented, as indeed were most houses generally in Faversham - it was how things were.
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