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Faversham's Medieval History

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Karen Clifton    26 Apr 2007
I wonder if you might be ale to help me.

I am am a part-time student studying Maritime History at Kent Uni, together with some fellow students we are soon to visit Faversham in order to carry out a field study on its maritime history.

I am particularly interested in the Medieval period and wondered if you might be able to tell me if there are many original medieval buildings left in Faversham town centre.

I did visit the Heritage Centre and was really impressed with the display and the information in there, the staff were extremely helpful and very knowledgeable.

Kind regards

Karen Clifton
Arthur Percival    28 Apr 2007

To answer your query a bit obliquely, there are nearly 500 listed buildings in the town of Faversham. Some are Georgian, a few Victorian, one or two later.

I'd hazard a guess that at least half are either medieval or Elizabethan. Some of these were given a facelift in the 18th century to make them look Georgian (eg 82-84 Abbey Street, next to Arden's House) but once you're inside (particularly 84) you realise the building dates from when it says it does over the front door of 83 –1598.

Probably you'll have gone home for the vac by early July, but, if not, a good opportunity to see inside some of the town's old houses is the annual Open House event, on the first three Saturdays in July. You buy a programme at the Heritage Centre for £6 and this admits to all properties (usually about 30 in all).

It's more like a book, as it contains detailed and authoritative notes on each. You can use it over all three Saturdays if you buy it on (or before) the first one.

Hope this helps

Best wishes

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