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Elephant and Castle pub, Water Lane, Faversham

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Claire Post    06 May 2007

I am interested in information on the above pub in Faversham, Kent.  On his 1881 and 1891 Census entries, my great, great, great grandfather, George Harris, is detailed as being the publican of the Elephant and Castle.  I would love to know if this pub/building still stands.  The Census possibly says it was in 4 Water Lane.  George was married to Ellen (maiden name Millen).  As I live far away from Kent I would greatly appreciate anything anyone might be able to tell me.  
Many thanks!

Claire Post    07 May 2007
Hello Arthur,

Many thanks for letting me know about the fate of The Elephant & Castle pub in Ospringe Street, although it's really disappointing to know the building has been demolished.

I wonder if you or anyone else might further be able to assist me in discovering whether any photographs or further information about the pub and the Harris family might exist, eg. through pictorial records taken of businesses, and/or Water Lane, written records of meetings of publicans and businessmen.  If you could point me in any likely direction I would be delighted.

I have never seen any images of my Harris ancestors and as they had a pub until the beginning of the twentieth century there is perhaps a fair chance that something may exist which might, even indirectly, show the pub and or its inhabitants.

I visited Faversham last year and was very impressed by the effort members of the Faversham Society clearly take in passing on information about their town to visitors and genealogists.

As I was only at the very outset of my Kentish research with two surnames (Post and Saywell) there may have been more in the excellent museum directly relevant to my family which I could not have known at the time. I will definitely revisit at some point!  

Many thanks in advance!

Arthur Percival    06 May 2007

I'm afraid you're out of luck. Most of the town's old buildings have survived, but unfortunately not the Elephant & Castle in Water Lane. As a pub, it closed in 1910, and was later demolished, as were most of the properties in the lane, of which now only a short stub remains.

Arthur Percival
Site history consultant
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