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Green/Norton Family History

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Rick Green    31 Jul 2007
I will be visiting Faversham next week to study my family history.

My last direct ancestor in the area was Thomas Green. He lived near Bobbing, Sittingbourne, and left for America in 1634. There is a supposed connection between the Green family and the Norton family in the Faversham area. 

Regardless of the research, I am looking forward to visiting the town and learning more about the area. Any suggestions of people who share a common interest in the Green and Norton names or suggestions for places to visit related to those names will be greatly appreciated. 

Thank you
Arthur Percival    01 Aug 2007
You'll probably want to visit the Fleur de Lis Heritage Centre in Preston Street, about which you can read more on this site. There's a museum, tourist information centre and bookshop there, and it's open from 10 to 4 (10 to 1 on Sundays). It's run by voluntary effort by the Faversham Society.

You'll find lots of references to C16 members of the Norton family in Thomas Arden in Faversham, a book on sale in the bookshop.

This is a heavy, expensive book, so you may prefer to look at it at the public library in Newton Road, just a couple of minutes' walk from the centre. There'll be lots of other references to the family in some of the 100+ 'Faversham Papers', which you can buy at the centre.

Good hunting!

Arthur Percival
History Consultant
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