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Dr Evers & Holladay family

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Richard HOLLADAY    13 Aug 2007
I should like to find out more about Dr Charles Evers and if possible be sent a photograph of the front and back of the house that he lived in (1 Albion Terrace (11 South Road)) to see if it coincides with the photos I have in an old family Album.

One of my ancestors, Stephen Holladay (14.3.1834 - 24.11.1921) lived at one time in Kingsfield Terrace, Faversham and I have a photo of this property.  He had two sons and a daughter – Hugo, Edgar and Ella.  Edgar had, according to my recently deceased father Henry Holladay's writings (Edgar had 2 sons, Alec and Henry - both now deceased.) at one time been taken on at Shepherd Neame & Co (he was a useful cricketer!) and he worked up to be under head brewer. 

He was always, so my father states, interested in the mechanical and scientific side of brewing, interests that Harry Neame shared. The two men imported some pure cultured yeast from the Pasteur Institute in Paris and asked for permission to use it in an attempt to offset recent high returns of beer. 

Supposedly this idea was not well received but whilst the Old Man was off at Epsom for Derby Day they took the necessary steps to use the new yeast as they had by then grown sufficient to use.

The story goes, and I cannot vouch for its accuracy, that use of the new culture was approved and coupled with improved sterilising of equipment the returns of bad beer dropped dramatically.

In their work they had set up a small laboratory to check the microbes in the beer and a friend, Dr Charles Evers, started using the laboratory for medical purposes as he was interested in this side of his work. They soon realised that these two operations didn't mix and serious trouble could arise if the beer was contaminated with germs so this was stopped.

Hugo Holladay had trained with Tett and Sons in ironmongery and he worked for Tetts for some time after he had completed his apprenticeship. One of Tetts' customers was the firm of Garton & King in Exeter, ironmongers, heating engineers and ironfounders. Mr King was looking for a partner and, to cut to the chase, eventually the two brothers moved to Exeter, Hugo first then because King died within 12 months Edgar followed.

In 1927 my grandfather (Edgar) and his wife visited and stayed with Dr & Mrs Evers – by this time I understand Harry Neame was managing director & chairman of the brewery.

If anyone can provide photos as described and possibly of Dr & Mrs Evers or has any info useful for the family archives I am putting together, I should like to hear from them.

Richard Holladay, (Devon)
Richard Holladay    27 Apr 2018
Please note that the "folly.gate etc etc" email address is no more - contact (27/4/2018)
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