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Lees Court

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Debbie Boitoult    06 Sep 2007
Hello, I wonder if anyone could help me with some information.

I collect old postcards and in a bundle which I recently purchased I found one which is a real photograph postcard showing the North side of Lees Court, Faversham. It was produced by W Hargrave, 82 Preston Street, Faversham.

The picture shows what look like injured soldiers sitting outside the building in wheelchairs and one standing next to a deckchair with his arm in a sling. With a magnifying glass it looks as if they are First World War personnel.  

Was the building ever used as a hospital or recuperation home during the war?

If anyone has any information about this I would love to hear from them. My reason for collecting old postcards is to research social history and a find like this really makes my day.
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