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Butcher family

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Marjorie McIver    16 Sep 2007
I am seeking information on my ancestors the Butcher family, William Nimrod Butcher, son of Nimrod & Jane Butcher née Reeves.

In the 1881 census they were living in Horselees with grandfather James & sisters Susannah & Charlotte.

William Nimrod emigrated to New Zealand before 1918 with his wife Flora Rosetta née Ralph and children.  We have a few photographs but very little is known about this family.
Tony Arnold    19 Sep 2007
Hi, while surfing the Faversham site I came across your post.

I happen to have the 1910 census page open in front of me as I am searching for a Stewardson family. Of interest to you is an entry for Ann Butcher, 58, widow, head of family.

Also listed is Herbert Butcher, son, age 36, fruiterer/gardener and Annie daughter, age 30, shop assistant. They lived and worked 5 Preston Street, a busy shopping area.

If you wish you may contact me and I could attach the file for you.

Tony Arnold
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