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Wendy Kirby    18 Oct 2007
I am looking for family related to Henry Thomas Kirby born in Kent 1878. He came to Canada approx 1908 but returned to England 1925. 

I am rying to complete family tree for my father. There are a lot of Kirbys from that area, making it difficult. 

Any help would be appreciated.

Jason Coulls    06 Mar 2008
Hi there,

In addition to to Arthur's response, there is another avenue you may not have tried (depending on where you are).  

The Toronto Public Library's main "Reference Library" (On the east side of Yonge Street, just north of Bloor Street) has an extensive genealogy section that holds immigration records, census data and such for British subjects that came to Canada.

You may find something of interest there if you haven't looked already.


Arthur Percival    18 Oct 2007
Dear Wendy

The Faversham Society is happy to field family history enquiries.

Kirby was, maybe still is, quite a common local surname. Therefore, as is pointed out on the page to which I've referred you, we need as much information from you as possible.

An interim family tree, with all known dates and places of baptism, marriage and death is the best thing. This is best sent in conventional tree form – some of the proprietary programs, in kind-of prose form, are very hard to follow.
Best wishes
Arthur Percival
History consultant
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