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Old photos of Selling Court and munitions works

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Janet McLennan    05 Nov 2007
I have recently aquired some old family photographs taken in Faversham. One of them is of my late grandmother when young, taken in her maid's uniform in the garden of Selling Court.

Another is of my grandmother and others in some kind of overalls and hats, taken outside a building, when they were engaged in munitions work of some kind in Faversham. My grandmother's name was Martha Page (née Gibbons).

Can anyone give me more information about the two locations please?

Janet McLennan    07 Nov 2007
Dear Arthur,

Thank you for your quick response. I will email you with the munitions photos mentioned. I can only identify my grandmother but perhaps someone may be able to name the other workers.

I believe they were taken before 1919.

Regards, Janet
Arthur Percival    06 Nov 2007

In response to the first of your two enquiries, Selling Court was demolished I think about 50 years ago and what would now be called 'executive' houses (ridiculous term) were built in its grounds. The fine landscaping was retained, so their setting is most attractive. The street in which they stand is named Selling Court, after the house. A visit is worthwhile.

In response to the second, it would only be possible to try to identify the location of the 'munitions' photograph by having sight of it. This is because if it was taken pre 1918, as it sounds as though it may have been, there were then 5 explosives factories in the town, one vast and all quite large.

In fact as well as having sight of the photograph it would be helpful to have further information about the subjects, as for publication a list of local explosives factory staff from 1841 to 1934 is in process of compilation, and as no staff records survive the record is having to be compiled from stray sources such as yours.

A list of local explosives factory staff from 1573 to 1840 has already been published by the Faversham Society.

Meantime, to get your visual and other bearings, you may find it helpful to refer to the explosives history pages of the Faversham website, at:

If you are able to email copies of the photographs I expect the site moderator will divulge my personal email address, or you can send them for my attention to the Faversham Society email address –

I hope this helps.

Arthur Percival
Site History Consultant
Honorary Director, Faversham Society
(a registered charity run by 100% voluntary effort for the good of the community)

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