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Gravel Pit House

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Barrie Vinten    11 Dec 2007
I discovered recently that one of my great-grandfathers, Daniel Seal, died in Gravel Pit House in 1935. I grew up in Faversham between 1943 and 1961 and thought I knew the town very well but do not recall this establishment.

Can anybody tell me if it still exists and where it is; if not still existing, where was it?
Arthur Percival    12 Dec 2007

Gravel Pit House was a euphemism for the Faversham Union Workhouse, which however by 1935 was also serving as an old people's home and geriatric hospital, later known as Bensted House, which you may remember.

The buildings (rather pleasant) were demolished about 20 years ago and the site has since been redeveloped for housing. The money from the sale of the land went into a new local charity, the Bensted Charity.

Site history consultant
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