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Murton Place

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Clare Murton    09 Jan 2008
Can anyone tell me why Murton Place is so named?

I see from the website that a Murton restored Lorenden House and that another bought part of 10-11 Preston Street.

They both just looked like prosperous shopmen.

I see there were a lot of Murtons in Faversham – was one of them worthy of a street named after them?

Clare Murton
Arthur Percival    10 Jan 2008

I don't think any systematic record is maintained of why local streets etc are given the names they are. We in the Faversham Society try to keep ad hoc records, but we are a voluntary organisation, not a statutory authority. In this case we don't know after which particular Murton Murton Place was named.

The likelihood however is that it was named after one of other of the family who farmed at both Graveney and adjacent Goodnestone. In fact the Murtons were mainly farmers, and took different local farms at different times. The first so far traced at Graveney was a Nicholas, who made his will in 1534.

Arthur (Site History Consultant)
on this occasion also on behalf of the Faversham Society
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