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Edward David Samson

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karen Samson    28 Feb 2008
Edward Samson's family originate from Ospringe and Faversham. They were agricultural workers, working on the farm there.

We have lots of photographs of various Samson/Harlow family members and the farm at Near Beacon Hill cottages itself.

We have birth, marriage and death certificates. Some details below:

1867 – Henry Samson (farm labourer) married Amy Samson (née Godden), living at East Street, Faversham, had a son, Henry David Samson.

They are recorded in the 1891 census as living at Wingfield Cottages, Eastling? having 3 other children:

John T Samson
George F Samson
Ellen F Samson

In the 1890s Henry David Samson married Ann Harlow. They had three children:

1898 (28 December) Frank Edward was born at Beacon hill cottages
Maud (Maudy)

1922 (5 Sept) – Frank Edward Samson married Gladys Evans. They lived in Islington. Frank was a policeman, they had one son.

1923 (26 June) – Edward David Samson

Frank died of consumption on 21 May 1929, aged 30, and was interred at Ospringe church.

Edward (Teddy) was five years old.

I would like to find the family links to Harry and Maudy, his uncle and Aunt and would like to hear from anyone that is related to the other names mentioned above.

Please can you help us?

Thank you

Karen Samson (Edward's daughter)
Colin Tumber     13 Nov 2017

Hi Karen,

i have been looking into the history of Beacon Cottages in Buckland, Faversham, as my family, the Tumbers, lived there in the 1901 census.

Two of my Great Aunts were born there - Lilly and Alice.

My Grandfather was George and he was born at Leatherbottle, Ospringe.

I do have a photo of the family if you would like to see it and would like any info on the family you would like to share.

Kind regards, Colin Tumber 

karen samson    02 Mar 2017

Hello Shirley,

Thank you your enquiry.

I have found it quite difficult tracing any living relatives and have not done much research lately. I can only offer some general knowledge which you may know already,

I believe the name of Samson was widespread in the Kent district and because some of our ancestors were farm workers and relatively poor their knowledge of the written language// poor education would have contributed to the following problem.  The name of Samson was often mis-spelt with a P added and it was dependent upon the person filling in the official registers.

If you see any old references to a Henry SAMPSON - don't automatically think that he may not be related as this may not be the case. Iv'e found one distant relative in Martin Samson, it might be possible that we are related, you never know- I wish you well in your enquiries.

Shirley Moore    27 Dec 2016


Just saw your discussion re. Samson.

I wondered if you could tell me if you have any knowledge of a Henry Samson (many great great ... grandfathers of mine).  He was born in Selling Kent, I believe in 1815. He married a Jane Stevens from Boughton Aluph. This marriage took place on the Isle of Harty, Sheppey.  Just wondering if you have any knowledge of Henry's father or anything on Henry himself.  Any information would be gratefully received.

Many thanks.




Peter Stevens    04 Mar 2011
A few more Samson items which may be of interest:-

F/News 27/4/1945.  Gnr S T Samson, of the Royal Artillery, has returned home after 5 years at Stalag 9C. He is the son of Mr & Mrs Samson, of Perry Wood. He was released by the troops of the Armoured Brigade of the US 6th Army on 4th April.
Also in HM Forces -  Samson H, Driver RASC, 1 St Ann's Road
                             Samson R H,  AC1  RAF,  33 Whitstable Road

1914/18 Roll of Honour - Samson, Harry Edward, Private E. Surrey Reg't, of Sheldwich. Killed in action.
Samson, William Horace, 37,  HMS Pathfinder, of Copton.
1877. Samson, William, landlord of Railway Hotel.
1934  Samson, Dorothy A,  41 Newton Road
1965/6. Samson, C W,  98 Abbey Street
            Samson, F O,   40 St John's Road                         
Arthur Percival    02 Mar 2011

I'm very sorry to hear about your father.

It would be easier if this correspondence could be continued off-Forum.   Possibly if you respond you could email me at

The following, if they work out on the Forum screen, are Samson/Samson baptisms at Faversham parish church - the only ones between 1620 and 1801.   The info. may also be useful to Martin.    As to before 1620, I can explain if you email me.

1638 16 09 Anne d/o Daniell Dorothy SAMPSON
1643 21 06 Michaell s/o Richard Anne SAMPSON
1645 14 02 William s/o Richard Anne SAMPSON
1646 30 12 Susan d/o Richard Anne SAMPSON
1621 25 02 Alexander s/o Alexander SAMSON
1656 9 12 Edward s/o Robert Elizabeth SANDERS

Best wishes,

karen Samson    01 Mar 2011

A post to inform that dad, Edward David Samson, passed away on 1 December 2010.

He dearly wanted to retrace his footsteps, but was not well enough to do so. However, my sister and I can on his behalf.

I am finding out more information about his past, particularly his childhood in Ospringe and Faversham, just visiting last weekend to discover some new information about Beacon Hill farm and its location. Please see my reply to the post about the farm on the forum.

I still hope to find some living relatives and am visiting in the summer again to gather more information. I am also in touch with Martin Samson, who is  a distant relative of ours, which is brilliant.

Progress is slow, but steady, and we will persevere.
karen Samson    24 Dec 2009
Dear Martin

Thanks so much for your reply.

I have not read the forum for many months as no replies appeared and my hopes for finding living relatives are proving harder than i thought.

Will contact you as regards our family history and I am sure dad and us are very interested to know all about our ancestors, their lives and where we originate from.

Looking forward to finding all about us

Martin Samson    15 Apr 2009

I have an extensive database of the Samson family of Selling and Sheldwich, Kent, and later Faversham dating back to Matthew ca 1600

My father was descended from Burton Samson of Sheldwich (ca 1790-1872) whose brother Thomas from Selling (1786-1863) was the ancestor of your line

If you woud care to contact me at, I would be happy to share the information with you.

regards, Martin Samson
Arthur Percival    03 Mar 2008

We are better at ancient history than contemporary life!   You best bet for Freddie might be to get in touch with the Ann Price at the Faversham Times ( and see if she could get a piece in its Chatham stablemate.

I'm sorry I can't be more helpful.

for Faversham Society
karen Samson    03 Mar 2008
Arthur, Thank you for your prompt reply.

I have been talking to dad over the weekend and have some more information to add:

Frank Edward Samson's brother, Harry, had a son (Fredrick) and 2 daughters (names unknown).

In 1948, when Edward (dad) was newly married (to Muriel Denham) they lived in the prefab houses in Orion Road, Rochester. 

Dad managed to find and meet Fredrick (Freddie), who actually lived on the same estate. Edward (dad) then moved to Buckinghamshire with mum and lost touch with Fredrick and his wife.

It is Fredrick Samson that I may be able to trace. He would be about the same age as (dad)  Edward 84 is he is stil alive.

He may have children?

Does anyone reading this reply have a dad/ grandfather called Fredrick (Freddie) Samson ?

Karen Samson