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Researching Cuthbert Samson

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Philip Reynolds    02 Apr 2008
I am conducting some research into a Cuthbert Samson, son of Robert Samson (32 Kings Road, 1901 census, Rural Postman)

I suspect he / they might be buried in the Faversham cemetery... can anyone point me in the direction of how to confirm this?
Peter Samson    20 Apr 2015

Cuthbert was my Grandfather who died in 1970. I can be contacted on
Arthur Percival    09 Apr 2008

From the Faversham Cemetery register this may or may not be what you are looking for:

Rosa Samson, aged 73, wife of Robert, buried in plot 6525 on 12 April 1943.

Other Samson burials are also recorded in the register.

Personally I don't know how the plot numbers are assigned but if you are within striking distance of Faversham on weekdays when the Swale Borough Council district office at the Alexander Centre in Preston Street is open you could find out there, and where exactly plots are.  

The 'Alex' is within three minutes' walk of the mainline station and two minutes' walk of the central car park, both within five minutes' (or less) driving time of the M2.

Possibly if you have further enquiries it might be best to send them to and mark them for my attention. I can't promise to respond by return but will endeavour to be as helpful as I can.

Best wishes

Philip Reynolds    07 Apr 2008

Thanks indeed for your help!

It is more than likely the same Robert Samson (born c 1862). Cuthbert was only 51 years old in 1944 so would have probably died outside of the 1952 range you mentioned.

With your permission, a couple of follow-up questions:

1. I visited the cemetery last week and the graves appeared to be ordered by alphabetical groupings.  Is there any means of finding out where plot 6632 is located?

2. Does your record show any mention of Robert's wife, Rose?  She would have been about 67 years old in 1944 so there is chance she would have outlived Robert.

Any information most gratefully appreciated.
Arthur Percival    03 Apr 2008

On 22 April 1944 a Robert Samson, aged 82, was buried in plot 6632 in Faversham Cemetery.  

The record to which I have access includes no mention of Cutherbert but ceases at the end of 1952.

If Cuthbert died after this date (and you don't say when he did) you would have either to visit Swale Council's district office at the Alexander Centre, Preston Street, Faversham ME13 8NY to consult the original register, or write to the officer-in-charge to ask them to undertake a search on your behalf.

Best wishes

Arthur (for Faversham Society – see
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