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Oare Creek land

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Jason Coulls    15 Apr 2008
Hi all,

I'm trying to find out a little about about the history of the site that eventually became Faversham Animal Products (also known as "SJ Chandler Ltd", later spawning C&D Petfoods, amalgamating with Cheale Meats before closing) up the Oare Creek Road.

Specifically, what I am trying to work out is as follows... 

Some stories point to a business origin in Deptford, London – but the operations were in Faversham for quite some time (and I'm very familiar with the whole line of inner operations, having literally grown up with them).  

The first question is: Does anyone know when the now-derelict premises were built?

The second question is: Something doesn't add up with the oral stories and the visual decay that I remember in some buildings. Even if they'd been derelict since the early 1960s, there is no way concrete would decay that much in 10-15 years (I'm talking holes in 12-inch thick concrete floors that oil barrels could fit through).  So, something else had to be in the western building prior to this. What was it?

This additional memory may help, but at least 20 years back a guy by the name of Kell Clark (not sure I've spelled it correctly) was operating the first glass recycling business I'd ever heard off to the west of the western buildings and another guy called Kerry (not sure of surname) was operating a vehicle-painting business in the north-west building.

Both may know more than I remember about this west side – I only remember the story of the east side, which appeared much newer (though probably collapsed quicker if it's not still standing).


Arthur Percival    15 Apr 2008

I've responded to this enquiry direct by email as I wanted to give you an email address and didn't think it should be 'exposed' on this site.

Best wishes

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