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Faversham Union Workhouse

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Sue Newton    27 Apr 2008
I have a copy of a copy of a death certificate for my ancestor Willian Trice who died in the Faversham Union Workhouse in 1842.

How would I go about trying to find out why he was in there? Or can I order any records of his time in there? I do not live in UK so cannot go to Faversham to look for records.

Regards, Sue
Arthur Percival    28 Apr 2008

The records for the Faversham Union Workhouse at held at the Kent County Council's Centre for Kentish Studies (CKS) in Maidstone.

Whether they are detailed enough to say why your ancestor William Trice died there I'm afraid I wouldn't know. However there'd be no harm in emailing the council at and asking them to forward your enquiry to CKS. They may, or may not, ask for a search charge, which I expect you'd be able to pay by credit card.

If you email me at I can let you have details of other Trice sleuths, though I can't guarantee that they're still around or at the same addresses.

I can also let you have information about a William Trice for whom I have stray (and not very exciting references) between 1756 and 1794 – maybe these are two different William Trices, and maybe neither is identical with yours, but perhaps every little helps?

Arthur Percival
for the Faversham Society

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