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Arthur and Annie Ablett

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Linda Mundy    14 May 2008
Here l am again, still looking for my ancesters. At the moment l am trying to find out more about my great-grandmother ANNIE ELIZABETH HIGHAM b 31 July, 1881, in Quay Lane, Faversham.

She married PERCY OLIVER PULLEN from Sheppey on 7 November 1903. They had two children NELLIE MAUD and WALTER HERBERT. In March 1907 they were living in Bo'ness Scotland where Percy fell from the hull of a torpedo boat and drowned.

ANNIE ELIZABETH came back to Kent. On 26 August, 1909, she married ARTHUR JOHN ABLETT at Holy Trinity Church Sheerness.

This is where l come to a dead end. I can find nothing more about either of them. It would be really lovely if anyone can tell me any more.

Many thanks, Linda
Rosemary Lipscombe     21 Jan 2018

Am so very interested in your story because we live in the house in which the Abletts lived. Now although we have had a few things going on in this house, over the last 6 weeks my husband has had someone try to tuck him in bed every night, ever since he had a single bed he has never believed in ghosts but after reading the story I think it might be to do with your relation looking after Annie 

Tina White    23 Jul 2016

Correction to my previous posting, Maureen has 3 sons, and John Ablett has one son! 

Tina White    19 Apr 2015

Hi, I'm not too sure if my last message went through so forgive me if I'm repeating myself.

My Grandmother was Nellie Pullen and my Great Grandfather Percy Oliver Pullen died on the Firth of Forth on 20 March 1907.

Annie went on to have another child, Reginald.

Annie died aged only 49 of cancer; my Nan nursed through the last months of her life.

My Nan married a William Rule and they had 3 children Donald Willam, Pauline Ann, (now Featherstone) & Jennifer (now Hobbs).

Donald has 3 boys plus 5 grandchildren, Pauline had 2 boys (1 deceased) 1 girl plus 6 grandchildren & 4 great grandchildren, Jennifer has 1 boy & 1 girl plus 1 grandchild.

Reg and Nellie had Maureen who had two boys plus grandchildren, and a son John who has no children.

Walter or Uncle Wally as I knew him off the top of my head I'm not sure about that part of the family, I will check it out with Mum. Most of us still live on the Island.


Would love to hear from you! Tina 

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