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Public houses in Boughton

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Kevin Almond    26 May 2008
I have recently purchased an old pewter tankard with the inscription 'Kings Arms, South Street, Boughton'. I am trying to find out where it came from? Was there a Kings Arms in your village?
JOHN ROBERTSON    30 Sep 2015
I knew the Kings Arms very well it was where my wife and I had our  wedding reception in 1964.
My wife was born and brought up just a few yards from the pub in North Lane.
The building that is there now is not the original Kings Arms public house, the original was much
smaller and was painted white and was still there in 1896.
Rachel Browning    14 Sep 2015

Have just found this string about the Kings Arms.  I believe that my 3 x great grandfather may have been the licensed victualler at this pub back in 1861.  I see that someone may have a photo of it when it was still a pub.  I would appreciate a copy of this if at all possible.
robert letchford    07 Oct 2013
the kings arms was at the junction of north lane and south street,it was really popular with the londoners and medway families who came for the hop picking and fruit picking,it died a death when hop machines started to come into use in 1960s.i remember all the knees ups ,i was a child and my grandparents lived in north lane. my 1st cousins the beals still live in boughton/faversham related to half the old families from the surrounding area. incidently it was a shepherd neame pub and the neames  are related to the beal family by marriage, im related to harris,rook,beal,tong family of horselees,branchett,ralph,wraight .shilling and many many more.

robert letchford.
JON HORNE    22 Jul 2008
I have a friend whose dad (Terry Boost) was the last landlord. It closed in about 1975/6. If you're interested in selling the tankard, I would be interested in buying it.


Arthur Percival    27 May 2008

Well, yes, of course it came from the King's Arms at South Street, Boughton-under-Blean, near Faversham. South Street is a hamlet in the parish, about a mile south of the main settlement, Boughton Street, which, before it was by-passed bestrode the A2. It is picturesque, with three or four beatiful timber-framed houses, and well worth a visit if you are within striking distance.

The King's Arms is still there, but was delicensed many years ago and is now a house. It is on the corner of North Lane. It looks as though it was built c 1900, possibly on the site of an earlier pub with the same dedication.

It used to be very popular with the hop-pickers who came down every August/September, but hand-picking is now a thing of the past, and probably this is one reason why it was delicensed.

It was a Shepherd Neame house and their archives would probably reveal when it ceased to be a pub.

Best wishes

Arthur (for Faversham Society)
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