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Wigg family of Faversham

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I have just read an article by Arthur Percival on Faversham Bricks in the 10th edition of The Family and Local History Handbook.

I found  the Wigg family – Edward, Ann, Eward, Walter and Amie – lived in Faversham on the 1901 census.

My family bought a house in Traralgon, Victoria, Austrealia, built by a Mr Wigg, who called the house Faversham. He also had a brickworks on the adjoining land. I do not know the first name of this Mr Wigg, but can do some research if anyone is interested.

We visited Faversham in 1992, and now wish we had stayed longer in this lovely town.

Robert Christensen
Arthur Percival    03 Nov 2011

Very kind of your to post this message. It all fits, I think. Faversham was a bit down in the dumps in the first decade of the 20th century, and there was some emigration to what were then the Dominions.

I'm not sure whether Robert ever sent the information and pic I hoped he would send (I'm not 100% efficient, though I try to be!)

In particular if you're anywhere near Traralgon I'd still love a pic of the house called 'Faversham', and it would be interesting to hear of, or from, any of William Wigg's descendants if he has any. Emails can always be sent  to me at

Best wishes

Lesley Butler    26 Oct 2011
William Wigg and his sons William Percival, Abraham & Samuel owned/ran a brickworks known as Wiggs Brickworks at Alberton, Victoria before and after the First World War.
Arthur Percival    05 Sep 2008

That's a very interesting enquiry, and you may be able to help us (Faversham Society) more than we can help you!   Yes, it would be interesting to know the first name of your Mr Wigg, and indeed it would be helpful if you could recover any details of his brickfield and possibly also send a photograph of the house you mention.   You can send these to the Society Tourist Information Centre and Museum at - marked for my attention, please, as this is a 'communal' address.

Wigg is not a Faversham name, and my suspicion is that your Mr Wigg came from Sittingbourne, the next town west.    The brick industry centred on both towns.   I have a record of an Ellen Packman (born in 1837) who married a William Wigg, and they had 13 or 14 children born in Sittingbourne, Faversham and Teynham (a parish between the two).

From the 1903 local directory there are records of an Edward Wigg at 32 and a half West Street, Abraham Wigg at 86 Upper Brents and William Wigg at 107 Upper Brents.   As Upper Brents was on the fringe of one of our brickfields, this address is perhaps more likely for a brickmaker.

Best wishes, and thanks for getting in touch.

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