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Abbey Street and Hop Pickers

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Ann Cureton    27 Oct 2008
My great grandmother Julia Louisa Hyland died 7th June 1915 at 2 Providence Place, Abbey Street, Faversham Within, at the age of 34. This left her husband Mark Hyland, fFarm labourer, to look after their six children, the youngest being only 2.  In 1912 they were living at 17 Wallers Row, Faversham Without. 

My grandfather was born in 1906 "in a tent" on South Ash Farm, Ash. I understand from family talk that Mark and Julia were hop pickers and therefore I was very interested to see on your website a couple of photos of hop pickers.
I am surprised to see the standard of dress of these people.  Are there photos indicative of how hop pickers dressed at the time?  

There are so many unanswered questions about the family, what their life was like etc.  Also I am wondering where Julia might be buried. 

I live in Australia and I hope one day to visit Faversham and walk down Abbey Street and Wallers Row and perhaps even visit South Ash Farm if it still exists.
Meanwhile I am very keen to make contact with a local person who might have hop pickers in their family and or who might be able to tell me a bit about what life was like for those people. I am not able to find this family on the 1901 census.
wendy scott    09 Apr 2013
Regarding the message from Malcolm Smith: my great-grandparents were Joseph Henry Smith and Pollie Mills, of Abbey Street.

My grandmother was their daughter, Nellie. I have been doing my family tree and found out a bit about Pollie but hardly anything on Joseph.

Can you help, please, Malcolm?


Peter Stevens    10 Jun 2009
One final note for Jane Mercer. In case you haven't seen it, the 1881 census shows 16 year old Philip James Wade and 46 year old John Wade as boy and mate, two of the four man crew  of the barge 'Gem of the Ocean'. Both born in Brightlingsea, Essex.
chris faerber    09 Jun 2009
Dear all, I was pleased to read all the interest in the Wade family.

After further investigation I was told that this particular Hilda Wade did not marry a Mr Baker therefore was not my grandmother.

Shame, as I had thought it was and researched quite a way through. I am still struggling with 'my' Hilda Wade, whose father was Christopher Wade – a merchant seaman who died by the time he is recorded on her marriage certificate. I can’t find them on the 1901 census and I wondered if there was some website or records re the merchant seaman bit.

I'm afraid that I don’t have very much knowledge re my family history or how to search. Basically my father – Ernest Harry Baker – went off when I was two and I never ever saw him again. By the time I was old enough to start searching, he had already died.

My mother never spoke much about him and with such a common name and so little to go on, it is really hard. If, by chance, you still think that this Wade is correct then please email me on

Many thanks for your time

Peter Stevens    09 Jun 2009
I will let Chris Faerbear know of your interest so that he can contact you through this forum
jane mercer    06 Jun 2009
Thank you for your reply and for answering some puzzling questions my aunt had: for example she was aware that 98 Abbey Street, where her grandmother lived was now a listed building, but the last time she went to Faversham, couldn’t find it.

Now we know it has become part of the Phoenix Tavern. I was wrong about Mr Beacon and my aunt also said that Hilda was married to Arthur’s brother (I think!). My aunt remembered Betty Wade and Christine Beacon who died at a young age from a kidney disease.

One last request, could you advise me the best way of contacting Chris Faerber, who I feel must be in someway related.

Thank you again, Jane
Peter Stevens    03 Jun 2009
Johanna Wade later lived at 98 Abbey Street which is now part of the Phoenix Tavern and her son Albert lived with his familyat Cobden Place (no.2) as did Arthur William Beacon who lived at no.1a. Arthur was a railway employee, a uniformed ticket collector at Faversham Station. He did not keep the corner shop.
jane mercer    30 May 2009
Just spoken to aunt, and Hilda Gladys Wade is her mum's sister, who married a Mr Beacon that owned the corner shop. All the family lived in and around Cobden and Prospect Place. It would be great to speak to Chris F, who left message about her. Could we be related in some way?
jane mercer    30 May 2009
Hello again I'm not sure if my first post was sent so am writing again. My grandmother Nellie Wade, according to the 1901 census,  lived in 3 Providence Place aged about 13 with her mother, Joanna, and father, Phillip Wade. 

I would love to find out more information, my auntie, daughter of Nellie Wade is still alive (aged 86) and I talk to her a great deal. It was interesting to see another Wade living at the same address, Could the census be wrong?

I would appreciate any help,
jane mercer    29 May 2009
After reading your mail about Providence Place I had to reply. My grandmother lived there when she was a child. She was Nellie Wade, daughter of Phillip and Joanna Wade. I have a copy of the 1901 census and they lived at number 3.

I would be glad of any more information. Thanks
Malcolm Smith    14 May 2009
Nothing to add to previous posts apart from the fact that my grandparents, Joseph Henry Smith and Pollie Mills were married in December 1918, giving 4 Providence Place as their address.