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Blackman family

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lizzie hook    04 Dec 2008
Hi, I'm originally a Whitstable native and I was wondering if anyone could help me find an ancestor named William George Blackman.

I’ve tried the census but with no luck. I found two William Blackmans, father and son, born in Seasalter, then they moved to Oare in Faversham but I need to find out if the son could be my grandfather. My dad can’t remember ever seeing him. We know he married a Celia Maud Wetherly, born 1878 in Seasalter, and married in 1901.

Can any one help? I would be ever so grateful – Lizzie

lizzie hook    06 Dec 2008
Hi, sorry for confusion – it’s my great-grandfather I’m searching for.

He married Celia Wetherly in 1901. She was born Seasalter in 1878 and she is my great-grandmother. I have searched the census but my father never met him, only the grandmother so he presumed he had passed away or maybe he was away in the First World War.

The only other thing I can do is maybe go to cathedral archives and look in there.


Arthur Percival    05 Dec 2008

I think I got a bit confused by your references to 'father' and 'grandfather'. Are you saying you can't trace your grandfather's birth certificate – and that, by implication, you don't know in what year he was born, so don't know where to begin a search?


lizzie hook    05 Dec 2008
Hi, thanks for writing to me. Erm, well I’m not sure if that will indicate his grandfather’s name on it.

It most probably indicates his mother and father who we know off. but its my dad’s mother’s father who I’m trying to find out about.

Sadly most of my ancestors and relatives passed on before I was born. I’ve found a few things about my ancestors as being from Whitstable.

Everyone seems to be related to each other but just cant find out who and where William Blackman is from.

Sadly, lots of things must have been lost forgotten and damaged during the Second World War.

Thank you for your help,

Regards, Liz

Arthur Percival    04 Dec 2008

Maybe I'm being dim, but isn't it simply a question of a getting a copy of your dad's birth certificate?


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