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North Wilderton, Throwley

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Liz Jeffery    25 Feb 2009
Does anyone have any info about North Wilderton, Throwley? Was it a farm? House? And where it would be located today? Any info would be great as I can only find South Wilderton.

Many thanks, Liz
Arthur Percival    26 Feb 2009

Wilderton was one of two ancient manors in Throwley. The first recorded owner was Bartholomew of Badlesmere, who died in 1322/3. In 1583 for some reason it was split in two – North Wilderton and South Wilderton. The site of the settlement of North Wilderton is shown on older maps as being at the junction of the roads that lead respectively to the Faversham Golf Club clubhouse and Wilgate Green.

Arthur Percival (for the Faversham Society - see

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