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Lees Court House

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Ann Yvorra    01 Mar 2009
Would appreciate help on the following:

Members of my family, (Thomas Jackson, tailor, and his children), were registered in the 1841 Census as living at No 2 Lees Court House, Sheldwich. Is this possible? Was Lees Court House divided into individual living quarters at that time?

Thank you so much for any details you can give ...

Ann Yvorra    03 Mar 2009
Thank you so much, Arthur,

I had read of the later conversion into flats on your site and guessed I was probably on a "wild goose chase". Ah, those Jacksons! constantly moving between Sheldwich, Faversham and Whitstable from 1841 to well after 1911 ... if only my family had kept records! The different Censuses are so frustrating at times ... I think a hop across the Channel in the near future is the only solution.

Again thank you for your time

Arthur Percival    03 Mar 2009

Sorry, I missed your enquiry, because another one came up soon afterwards.

No, Lees Court certainly wan't divided up in 1841 – conversion took place in the 1970s, I seem to remember. The reference could be to one of the houses on the Lees Court estate.

Best wishes

Arthur (for the Faversham Society -
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