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Business Directory/History of West Street

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Emma Hulks    01 Mar 2009
Can anyone help me in my research of my Great Grandfather George Owen?

He was born in Faversham in 1892. He became a confectioner and made and sold his confectionery in West Street, Faversham. 

Does anyone have any recollections of the shop and or my great grandfather or is there a record of his business in any historical documents relating to this time? My grandmother was born in West Street in 1921. The shop would have definitely been open around this time. 

Any help/memories anyone could provide on this would be greatly appreciated. 

Arthur Percival    03 Mar 2009

According to Faversham Papers No 53 p 31 Owen's sweet shop was at 102 West Street.

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Best wishes

Arthur (for Faversham Society - see

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