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SAMSON family history

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Martin Samson    15 Apr 2009
Karen Samson made an enquiry about the family history of the SAMSON family from Faversham on this site in February 2008

I have extensive details of the family back to 1600. I am also a descended from the same ancestors

If Karen or any other SAMSONs would contact me I would be delighted to share on the information

Martin Samson
Arthur Percival    18 Apr 2009

I'm not sure how widely you want to share your SAMSON information, but if you have a straightforward tree, it would be helpful to have a copy at the Faversham Society's Fleur de Lis Heritage Centre, where it would be useful for future reference.    If it's in electronic form and you're willing so to share it, you could send it to, preferably marked for my attention.

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