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Interesting source for computations

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Jason Coulls    17 Jun 2009
I was just playing around with the new Wolfram computational search engine ( and typed in "Faversham".  

It came back with basic info such as time, location, elevation, population, etc.  But the really smart thing is it didn't take too long to work out various figures (I wouldn't call them "facts" until I know where it's sources are).  

For example:

How much of the UK debt does Faversham hold by population?
Paste this in:

(uk debt / uk population) * faversham population

Result: About 177.9million quid.

May be of use to someone...


Arthur Percival    20 Jun 2009

Evolving, I would say. When you type in and ask for a map it comes up with one of Cheltenham, because that's where the site host is!

Best wishes

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