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Henry Wreight

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Jason Coulls    30 Jul 2009
Hi all,

I have a quick question about Henry Wreight.  Does anyone know if his family background was in the Kennington/Ashford area?

The only reason I ask is whilst working on a bit of maternal family history (which already touches on several places around Faversham), I just stumbled across a large concentration of Wraight/Wrate/Wreight surnames in that area.  

From what I can work out so far, this little group then exploded out around Kent (some are still there doing crane hire and other businesses), going to Blean, Thanet and Medway (the Medway link being where my family ties in).


Arthur Percival    31 Jul 2009

Henry Wreight, the great Faversham benefactor, was born at Whitehill, Ospringe, where his family had lived since at least 1695.

Best wishes

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