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Perry Court school prefabs

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Geoff Strange    03 Aug 2009
Here is a link to film taken in July 1989 of the Perry Court, School prefabs, once used by The Lady Capel School for Girls and Ethelbert  Road School for Boys, Faversham.

The name of Perry Court, also first recorded in Domesday Book in 1086, recalls that it was once renowned for its pear orchards. The medieval manor house, probably as old as Copton, was displaced by a new building in the 1850s.

The manor came to be owned by Dorothy, Lady Capel, who when she died in 1721 left money for the establishment and maintenance of 12 charity schools in different places with which she was associated.

Her trust still exists but the number of schools which benefit from it has dwindled. The St Mary of Charity Primary School in Orchard Place, Faversham, still does.
Brian Shaw    13 Sep 2017

Yes I remember Mr Marley well,I to still have a bookcase in my loft which I made whilst in his class.

 He was a nice guy, but got me into trouble one day as he liked a good smoke, and sent me to get some cigarettes at a nearby shop. This resulted in me being late for school,and I was brought up for being late on school parade. I was punished by the head, a Mr Mathews, for being late and having cigs in my possession, but I never told on him,

I did see him in a temper a couple of times when he was hassled by some of the lads, and yes the occasional object did become airborne, and even went through the class window at one stage.

Happy memories  

David King    20 Jan 2013
Yes, I remember Mr Marley, still got the hall table I made  - or contributed towards being made - in his classroom at Perry Court on display in my house today,which apart from a necessary re- glue of the joints some two years ago, is still serviceable.

He's carried his nickname for quite a while now, and it appears to have gone down in ex Ethelbert Road School pupil folklore,which considering I left there in 1963,& him being already established on the teaching staff when I arrived 4 years earlier, must be some sort of record?

There was a Mr Raven who took Technical Drawing, & who became my last form teacher prior to my leaving the school. A number of others of the period also come to mind too. Messrs Adams,Watkinson, Mallender, Lake, Dron, Russell, McCarthy, Pilchard & of course our much respected headmaster Mr Andrews.

'Happiest days of your life'...Maybe?  - but always memorable!

David King.

Headley Caryer    22 Dec 2012
Chisel-Chucking Charlie was a teacher by the name of Marley and he came from Sittingbourne. He moved to Perry Court from Ethelbert Road when the prefabs first opened. 
Jason Coulls    03 Dec 2009
Thanks for posting that. It brought back some memories from the Abbey School. I was in the prefabs from summer 1984 to summer 1985.

The woodworking classroom used to belong to a Mr Raynor/Rainer – whom I understand from a friend's father was referred to as "Chisel Chucking Charlie" in the 1960s. 

While he never threw any chisels at anyone in the time I knew him, he did accidentally get my teeth french polished one day... he was holding a brush covered in french polish and turned around to where I was standing behind him – and in the process my face and the brush made a lot of contact that took most of the remainder of the lesson to rectify.

The playground at the end used to have two mobile classrooms on the eastern side, and three or four mobiles on the southern side of the area. The building shown around the 1.30 mark, located as the most north-westerly building was split into two classrooms. Mrs Styles(?) was in the most westerly classroom, and Mrs Gibson was in the east room (my classroom). The heating system was very prone to breaking down, and I remember on a number of occasions school was shut as we had no heating. The large pipes in the rooms though were good for drying out woollen gloves!

About the spring of 1985, a large asbestos barn caught fire just south of the prefabs – near the oast house. I remember very clearly the huge chunks of roof exploding into the air before we got evacuated to the other end of the school.  The school farm was down this end of the prefabs as well. The chickens used to roam around freely, and on a number of occasions we clashed with the chickens while hiding under the mobiles.

The black oil tank shown near the beginning of the video was a big meeting place, so "Meet you at the black tank" was a phrase everyone knew.  

The view down Perry Court lane at the end made me laugh as it brought back a funny memory (well, it's funny now but wasn't at the time) from when I was running to catch an escaped ferret in that lane, when I was about 13. (All I will say on that matter is neither the ferret nor I should have been there at the time)



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