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Pilcher family tree

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sue ryall    15 Aug 2009
I am searching for any members of the Pilcher family who came from Selling.

I am doing my family tree and found out that the Pilchers lived in the village from 1800 to 1940. It was a huge family with lots of boys!

Can anyone help? thanks
Ryan Blackmore     19 Nov 2016

I believe I'm related to you down the line but unfortunately my second name got changed when I was young but my mother always said I'm just like my father.

james noble    04 Sep 2014


Please can you tell me if there is a T. Pilcher, blacksmith, in your family tree? I have a blacksmith-made axe with this name engraved on it.

I collect axes but have no reference to this name.

Thanks and best regards, James Noble

Peter Stevens    20 Aug 2009

The 1877 Directory lists Richard Pilcher as a blacksmith at Selling.

The name is quite common in Faversham with many of them in the licensed trade – in 1888 Henry Pilcher is shown at the Greyhound, in 1894 Sophia Pilcher was at the Faversham Arms, 62 Ospringe Road, in 1894 Henry was at the Rose at Greenstreet.

Others were Edward at 23 Preston Street in 1888, William, a baker, at 94 West Street in 1888.

Peter Stevens

Arthur Percival    15 Aug 2009

Perhaps I may refer you to on this site?

Best wishes

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