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Cartography question

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Jason Coulls    14 Dec 2009
Hi all,

I have a two-part question, but it's based on a common theme:  Does anyone know where in Faversham the central point shown on a map that says "Faversham" should refer to?  

The reason I ask is I've noticed that the definitive point for Faversham shows up in two places. The first is (logically) that Faversham is located at the Guildhall. That part makes sense, however, I've also noticed on some maps that "Faversham" is basically at the back of the former Gatefield Sounds record shop.  

I've noticed this in a number of places, including Google Maps, where if you type in Faversham, it near enough puts a place marker by the Guildhall, but the other previous label behind Gatefield Lane also shows up.  If you look for Faversham on and pick the town (not the other places around the world), it moves to this second location as well.

This leads to my second question: Which one is right and when did the second location come to be?

Arthur Percival    29 Dec 2009

Not anyone at the Heritage Centre, as far as I know!

I suspect the name is squeezed in wherever there looks to be a space – in the centre of Faversham, not easy.

More interesting to me, at any rate, is the way in which the place-name Dunkirk moved steadily eastward (ultimately by about half-a-mile) in OS plans between 1819 and c 1907.  

Jason Coulls    28 Dec 2009
Hi Ted

I'd forgotten that this is where the back of the Heritage Centre is...  I wonder who decided that this would be the centre of Faversham? Ha ha!


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