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Ball & Adams family c 1900-1910

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Stella Wadsworth    27 Dec 2009
Just going through some family collection of post cards from the early 1900s and discovered many references to Faversham in this period.

There are numerous postcards and we wondered if anyone is familiar with the Adams and Ball families. Some of the names on the cards are Bert (Ted) Adams, Evelyn Adams (wife).

The address is Athelstan Road, Kingsfield. A business is also referenced in an address: Home & Colonial Ltd, Preston Street.

Some local establishment card references include:
The Castle Inn - Rigden's Fine Ales
Sidney Peters Grocery & Provision Stores
Recreation Tavern
Davington Priory W
Rogers Furniture

England Connection
Bert's Aunt Whitstable Nov 21, 1907 writes to him acknowledging the first Canadian postcard from him.

References to other folk:
WJ Woolshouse
P Harry Thomas
E Adams, Coast Guard Street, East Swale
R Gill
D Patching
Blanche Fuller
Arthur Percival    28 Dec 2009

All the places/addresses you mention are well-known in Faversham, and it sounds as though you have an interesting bit of social history there!

For example, The Castle in West Street is a 15th-century building that was delicensed some years ago and is now a private house. And you will find a bit about Davington Priory on this website.

Arthur (for The Faversham Society - see
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