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First World War

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Geoff Wycherley    02 Mar 2010
Researching my family I found a great-uncle, Lewis Owen Wycherley, who at the time had been living in Widnes, Lancashire, had married Gertrude Maude Boorman in Faversham in 1916, she having been born in Faversham. What is of interest to me is this: as he was serving in the Royal Artillery, what was he doing in Faversham at this time apart from getting married?

Would it be possible for someone to advise me what role Faversham played in the First World War?
Arthur Percival    04 Mar 2010

Various possibilities:

1) Faversham was never a garrison town, but various units were stationed here at different times.

2) The town's main strategic role in the First World War was to produce munitions on a huge scale – see the gunpowder and explosives pages of the Faversham website. There was a military presence at at least one of the six factories.

3) Two country-house type properties were in use as military hospitals – for recovery and recuperation. Your ancestor may have been at one of these – this may be the most likely explanation.

Best wishes

Arthur (for the Faversham Society -
Peter Stevens    03 Mar 2010
The West Lancs RFA were based in the Faversham area in 1914, presumably before moving on to fight in France. There are several photos of the regiment in the Faversham Society archives. 
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