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Did Beacon Farm Move?

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Jason Coulls    29 Apr 2010
Hi all,

I'm poking around (again) on Telegraph bank and think I might have stumbled across the outer perimeter corner of Beacon Farm.  (See map:

Something doesn't make sense though, being that half the farm plot has turned into a wooded copse and half of it didn't (the bit we can see). 

So, my first question is what happened to this farm and how long ago did it disappear? 

The second question is "What 'Beacon Farm' is KCC talking about in item 3.17 of this page?"

The third question is did it move?



karen Samson    01 Mar 2011
Hello, Jason.

I have just come back from a visit to Kent this weekend. Unfortunately my dad died in December and was not able to fulfil his last wish of going to visit the places where he grew up.

I found the ruins of Beacon Hill cottages where our ancestors lived and worked (it is now part of Syndale Farm). Dad said that they had burnt down in 1981, and there also stands a portion of the walling and some old fencing around the farm yard.

It is 30 years ago now and the whole area has been overtaken by nature with a maturing copse engulfing the site, although the original outline of the buildings still exists. 

We have photos of the cottages from the 1930s  and the working farmyard and hope to visit again in the summer to gain more knowledge about those years.

All the people that we met were so very friendly and were willing to spend time talking to us.

Yes, there may be mistakes in survey maps. However, I've found the buildings' ruins and to me that is Beacon Hill Farm.

I do hope this helps.

Jason Coulls    06 Feb 2011
Hi Karen,

Firstly, apologies for the inordinate delay in responding.

I am, indeed, talking about the same farm site.  I never knew that the buildings had burnt down.  I knew only that I had never quite located the site, until I started to question the imprint left on the landscape.

You mention that Beacon Hill does not appear to exist.  This is a known issue. I spent a while trying to work out what happened here (Actually, Arthur Percival had previously noted the discrepancy some decades before I questioned it).

If memory serves me correctly you'll find this stems from a mistake that was in place before 1797, and the OS still perpetuates the error to this day.

If you look at a modern Ordnance Survey map, you’ll see “Beacon Hill” on the north side of the A2, and “Telegraph Bank” is on the south side.  Whilst the whole ridge may have been called Beacon Hill, only the part known as Telegraph Bank could have been of any utility for beacons due to the trees blocking the view in the other locations when looking at old maps.

 The part now coined Beacon Hill on the maps almost certainly couldn't have ever had beacons on it.

Hope that helps.



karen Samson    15 Aug 2010
Hello Jason,
Just looking at the forum to see if there are any more replies to my post about Samson family history when i saw your post - please read my post.

Are you talking about Beacon Hill farm, near stone, where the now A2 runs through the middle of the old farm site?

Looking on Google Maps, the land is still farmland, however the Beacon Hill cottages burnt down many years ago and Beacon Hill itself does not appaer to exist.

My father knows where the farm was as his family used to farm the land when he was a child.

Many thanks

Karen Samson
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