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Frederick John Hewett

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Anthony Bambury    05 May 2010
Hi, I'm slowly in the process of finding out as much information as I can on my Great Grandfather Frederick John Hewett. He was born on the 1 August, 1869 in Faversham.

He transferred from the Royal Navy to the Australian Navy in June, 1912. The last piece of information I was told about him from my Grandmother (his daughter) was that his father (my Great Great Grandfather) was the Governor of Kent at some stage.

If somebody could please help me or steer me in the right direction on tracking down birth certificates/marriage certificates/siblings it would be greatly appreciated. It would be very interesting to see also if there are some long-lost relatives over there as well.


Tony Bambury
Arthur Percival    05 May 2010

There has never been a Governor of Kent. For birth certificates you need to go to the Family History Centre in London. They cost, though not a lot.

I've had a quick look at the 1871 Census for Faversham, but can't find your great-grandfather Frederick John Hewett. However he could have moved away, or lived in a nearby parish.

How do you know he was born in Faversham? The only near-match I could find was a Sarah Hewitt (sic) living with (presumably) her son Frederick, but he was listed as eight months old, whereas your great-grandfather, born 1 August 1869 would have been older than this. No other family members were recorded.

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Best wishes

Arthur,  for the Faversham Society - see

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