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Cotton Powder Company – Channel 4 documentary inquiry

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Ben Samuel    08 Jun 2010

My name is Ben Samuel, I work for Twenty Twenty Television, a TV production company specialising in high end documentaries. You can find out more about on at our website:

I am working on a new series for Channel 4 called We Built Titanic. This series will look at the extraordinary engineering feats behind the ship and also the lives of the people who helped build her many different elements.

For part of the series we are looking at the flares on board the ship. The gunpowder in these flares came from the Cotton Powder Company.

With this in mind, I am very interested in talking to people whose mother, grandmother or great grandmother etc worked in the factory, to find out about the experiences of those who were employed at the company.

If you fit the bill, please get in touch on . Don't worry, if you contact me, there is no obligation to appear on screen!

Best wishes,

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