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The Falcon Inn

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Maureen Rossi    03 Jul 2010
I wonder if someone knows if a member of the George family was the landlord of an inn called The  Falcon Inn in the Faversham area?

My great-grandfather and his father, Herbert and Walter George, were the landlords of the Red Lion at Badlesmere and Walter's father was the tandlord of the White Lion at Selling. 

Many thanks
Peter Rogers    05 Feb 2014

My ancestor and namesake Peter Rogers was innkeeper here during the 1690s. I have some more info about the Inn from this period in my research notes.



Arthur Percival    06 Jul 2010

The only inspiration I can offer is that nearly opposite the Red Lion at Badlesmere Lees is Falcon Farm – an odd name for a farm in these parts, and maybe it was once a pub, or served as such.

Though most people would say it's in Badlesmere because it faces the Lees, it's actually in the adjacent parish of Leaveland.

The house is listed but obscured by trees in Google Street View at

You may know the area, anyway? If you email me at I can let you have the email addresses of two other George sleuths, though I appreciate one or both may already be known to you.   

Arthur Percival for The Faversham Society (
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