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At-Lese Family

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Meg McGath    10 Aug 2010
I was wondering why there is no mention of the original family who owned this property before the Sondes family?

The property was given to the Sondes family by the Norton family who inherited it from one Lucy At-Lese of the At-Leese family on her marriage to Sir John Norton.

It would be Sir John of Northwood who married Joan Northwood who alienated this property to the Sondes family – who tore down some of the structure only to rebuild it in a different style. Moderator    17 Aug 2010
It's a nice idea, Meg, but the Faversham web pages do not purport to tell the whole history of the area in detail.

If they did, they would run to tens of thousands of pages, and we would need a team of writers.

Stephen Rayner
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