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Maureen Usher    07 Sep 2010
I have an address, 8 London Road, Faversham Within, for the year 1920 and wondered if you could tell me whether this was a house, hospital or workhouse please.  I know it is now a care home (information from the internet).  My enquiry is also about Elsie Wood who gave birth at this address to a daughter Kathleen.  Kathleen was fostered and later adopted by a Faversham family, but I am trying to find out what happened to Elsie Wood between 1920 and 1925 if possible.

Thank you.
Arthur Percival    20 Oct 2010

Very odd.   I've looked at the 1921 Street Directory and there's no indication that any of the (then un-numbered) houses was a nursing home or similar. This doesn't mean that one wasn't, but it doesn't help. They were (and are) all large-ish houses, probably all in the occupation of relatively well-off middle-class people.

It might just be worth ploughing through the 1920/1921 editions of Kelly's Kent Directory, under nursing homes, to see whether one in London Road, Faversham, is listed. If there is a witness or informant named on the birth certificate, their name might just give a clue.

Best wishes

Maureen Usher    19 Oct 2010
Thank you, Arthur, for answering my query regarding 8 London Road, Faversham Within.  

Sorry for the delay but I have been away. The address is on the original birth certificate of the daughter of Elsie Wood who was a cook, so not sure what to make of it.

Arthur Percival    10 Sep 2010
Unfortunately there was no No 8 London Road in 1920.   Properties were not numbered in a continuous sequence, and many had only names.   Maybe check your source?

Arthur, for the Faversham Society (
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