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Lackford family history

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Don Attenborough    28 Sep 2010
Dear Friends

My great great great grandfather was William Lackford who lived in Abbey Street and was a customs officer; his son Samuel was also a customs officer. Both are on the 1841 census. 
I wondered if anyone had any further information about this family or if there was any record of William in local customs records. 
There was also a great great uncle William living in Cypress Road, Faversham, on the 1881 census; he was a local shipwright.

Thank you!
Moderator's note: The road is spelt Cyprus Road now
Don Attenborough    17 Aug 2017

My thanks to Ted for his added detailed information! 

Don Attenborough    09 Jan 2017

My thanks to the information given to me on this web page! Don Attenborough





Edward Hanlon    01 Aug 2016

William Lackford born in 1793 in Maldon Essex to Thomas Lackford who was a Riding Officer.  Married Sarah Hubbard in 1816 at the age of 23.  I have these details of his retirement: Boatman, Salary 50pounds 12sh, Age: 54 Service 27 years; Cause of retirement: piles; Allowance granted 27 pounds.  He died in 1875.  

His son Samuel Thomas born in 1826 also worked in the customs and retired with these details: Out Door Customs House Officer, Salary on retirement 88pounds 14sh, Age 52, 27 years service, Cause of Retirement - chronic dyspepsia and mental debility, yearly allowance granted: 39 pounds 18sh 3d. He died in 1909 at age of 83.  

His brother William Benjamin Hubbard Lackford and lived 1823 to 1900. I've found these newspaper references:       

Kentish Gazette 12 July 1864      DISTRICT INTELLIGENCE:      

FAVERSHAM   The license of the Smack public house, Abbey Street was endorsed from Mr. William Lackford to Mr Stead George Laraman of Faversham.…        

LACKFORD v. HARRIS. – A claim of £1 for repairing a yawl belonging to the defendant.  The plaintiff is a boat-builder living at Faversham.  Strong language was used on both sides. – His Honour gave judgement for the amount claimed, less 9d. 6d.Yawl – a two-masted fore-and-aft-rigged sailing boat with the mizzenmast stepped far aft so that the mizzen boom overhangs the stern.  

I'd love to find out which poor Lackford suffered this fate:       Kentish Chronicle 26 January 1861     ACCIDENT AT FAVERSHAM   A few days since a boy of the name of Lackford was playing near his father, who was in the act of using a saw, when the little fellow suddenly placed his hand on the piece of wood, and in an instant one finger was cut off and another partially severed.  Mr. Spong, surgeon, was speedily in attendance, and the boy is doing well.

 Does this description match anyone in your family tree?

Ted Hanlon


Peter Stevens    04 Oct 2010
One other item which may be of interest – a booklet in the About Faversham series shows that a Charles Henry Lackford was born in Gravesend in 1859 and married Mary Ann ----.

 A printer by trade, he came to Faversham about 1887 and was still there in the 1891 census.
Peter Stevens    03 Oct 2010
You may be interested to know that a Mary Ann Lackford was iving in Abbey Street in 1926. She is also listed  at 55 Tanners Street in the same year; she may have moved there from Abbey Street when my father bought the property in which she was living. I have no other details.
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