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Steptoe family

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Victor Gibson    07 Oct 2010

I am doing some family history research on DOROTHY JEAN STEPTOE from Faversham, Kent.

Born about 1911, her married name was Archer. She may or may not have had some businesses in this area. 

All help would be appreciated. Thank you.

Janet Turner    17 Jan 2016

My father Reginald Frederick Archer was publican of the Limes Hotel Preston Street, Faversham, and he also had a fleet of ice-cream vans which he ran from the hotel and he was married to my mother Dorothy Jean Steptoe, born in  Cumnor.The records are in Abingdon Berkshire.


Janet Turner    06 Jun 2015
My mother was Dorothy Jean Steptoe and my father Reginald Frederick Archer they ran the Limes Hotel in Faversham for many years. Mum was born In Cumnor.
Victor Gibson    17 Nov 2010
Thank you both for replying this has helped and I hope I can get some more help soon
JOHN ROBERTSON    05 Nov 2010
A Reg Archer was landlord of the Limes Hotel in Preston Street during the 1940s and 1950s. He also had other business interests, I believe.

The hotel is now called the Chimney Boy, a Shepherd Neame public house.
Peter Stevens    04 Nov 2010
The 1965-66 Faversham Directory lists Mr R F Archer as the landlord of the Limes Hotel in Preston Street; this was renamed the Chimney Boy in the 1970s. 

I can confirm that he was there in 1954 and did a splendid job catering for my wedding reception. I believe his name was Reginald (Reg).
I have today been reminded by a Faversham Society colleague that Mr Archer also had an ice cream business but I seem to think that this was from a van rather than a kiosk.
Victor Gibson    01 Nov 2010

Just a follow on from my last post: the person I am trying to trace possibly had ice cream kiosks, a hotel and garage.

All help would be appreciated

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