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W Hargrave, photographer, Faversham

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Mary Hagley    14 Nov 2010
I have recently discovered 2 photograph/postcards in my granny's box of 'bits & pieces' showing views of Kent but signed by W. Hargrave, Faversham.  Does anyone know anything about this person - was he/she a local photographer?  When was he/she in business and where?  Any information would be appreciated.
Peter Stevens    21 Nov 2010
William Hargrave was in business as a photographer at 82 Preston Street, Faversham, for many years from about 1899. He died in 1940 aged 72.

He photographed "news" type of picture postcards, many of which survive today. The Faversham Society has more than 300 of his works in its photograph collection.

Apart from photography, he and his wife were involved in the Boy Scout movement and took many photos of scouting activities around 1912-19. He was a Scoutmaster and his wife was a Girl Guides Leader.

In 1919 he was with the 3rd Faversham Troop which included many Serbian children who were in residence at The Mount.
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