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Percival Family in Bogle, Lynsted, 1941 Census

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Peter Percival    19 Nov 2010

I've recently started a fanily history project and am now a little stuck!

I've traced the Percival family back from Woolwich to a John (40) and Sophia (35), living in Bogle at the 1941 Census. John was an agricultural labourer. They had  three children; Ann (9), William (5) and Walter (2). It was Walter who ended up in Woolwich.

I'm now trying to trace the other branches, both backward and forward. Would there be anything within the local archives that might help?

Many thanks

Peter Percival    13 Oct 2011

Dear Valerie

I born and raised in the Woolwich and Charlton area and most of my family were from that area and Eltham. I even went to school at Shooters Hill, now Eaglesfield.

I'm happy to share anything that I have, but appreciate that I've not been back here for some months!

Contact me on



Teresa Smith    26 Feb 2011
Dear Valerie,

I'm descended from your Louisa Percival's sister, Ellen, b 1881, so we have a lot of relatives in common. Like you, I've traced them back to William, b in Margate in 1797. His parents were William and Ann, but I can't find any trace of them in Margate so they maybe came from elsewhere, outside the town. James and Mary Ann, Louisa's parents, seemed to meander across Kent, as the children were all born in different parishes, so presumably James had very short-term shepherding jobs. We should get in touch and swap info -

valerie williamson    20 Feb 2011
Dear Arthur Percival,

Just wondered if you have any more details of the Percivals you have traced, any siblings of John or his parents and their siblings. I would also be interested in Walter as I now live close to Woolwich.
Peter Stevens    06 Feb 2011

I don't think your integrity is at stake. Your information relates to 17th and 18th century records while the other correspondents, including me, are concerned more with 19th and early 20th-century family details.

What seems certain to me is that the few 17th-century Percivals heeded the words of the first book of Genesis – to go forth and multiply – hence the numbers we see today!


valerie williamson    04 Feb 2011
Sorry, Arthur. Yes, I did mean in Kent and not just in Faversham, although perhaps there are other Percivals to be found in Faversham in more recent history, for instance, James Edward Percival, son of James and Winifred Percival, who served in the Royal Navy.
Arthur Percival    02 Feb 2011

My integrity is at stake!  At the risk of seeming churlish, or pedantic, or both, what I said was that historically Percival was not a very common name in the Faversham area. I didn't say Kent, or East Kent, in general. Of course it's quite a common name generally, with the highest concentration perhaps in the Lancashire area.

If you don't believe me, only two Percivals were baptised in Faversham Church between 1620 and 1773 (one actually a Percifull).

Best wishes

valerie williamson    01 Feb 2011
Dear Peter,

Yes Joy would be my first cousin. Her father, Frederick Freed, was my mother's brother. Thomas Albert Freed was my grandmother, Louisa Mount (nee Percival)'s first husband. Thomas died in 1908, a year after my mother, Edith Rose was born. At that time they were living in one of the tied cottages at Tin Bridge.

I regret that we have lost touch with Joy. I know she was living in Essex, possibly in Romford, and she had a brother, Geoffrey Freed, and a sister Olwen. Joy would have been Louisa's eldest grandchild.
Peter Stevens    31 Jan 2011
Dear Valerie,

I remember that in the late 1940s Mr & Mrs Mount had a grand-daughter who was a regular visitor from Essex in school holidays. I think her name was Joy. Is she a direct relative of yours?

As I mentioned on another page on this forum, Mr Mount ran a logging business on the site of what was 93 Abbey Street. I think one of his sons lived at Oare.

Peter (ex 92 Abbey Street)
valerie williamson    29 Jan 2011
Dear Peter
I'm sorry to contradict Arthur but there were in fact many Percivals living in Kent and around the Faversham area.

I have traced my family history back to William Percival, my great great great grandfather,born in Margate in 1797, died at Ickham, Bridge in 1872. He had four children, Edward, Emma, Sarah and Hannah. Edward was my great great grandfather, born 1827 in Ickham, died 1904 in East Ashford and he was twice married and had nine children, William, Ned, James Margaret, another William (presumably the first son died), Charlotte, Ada, Charles and Florence.

James, who is the James interred in Faversham Cemetery, was my great grandfather and I think William of Conduit Street must have been his brother. He would have been 26 at the outbreak of the First World War.

My grandmother was James's eldest child and was born Louisa Percival in Hothfield. She married twice, to Thomas Albert Freed and George Arthur Mount. James had 12 children. 

Ted, who you mention living in Abbey Street was his eldest son, Jim or James, who was married to Winifred his ninth child. Louisa and George moved to  89, Abbey Street  in 1918. They had to move from a tied house in Brenley because George lost his job as gardener for Lord Sondes, because he laughed when the Dowager Countess's wig was pulled off by a rose bush. At the time Louisa and George had seven children and a baby about to be born.

I don't know what happened to any of William's or Edward's or James's siblings but there must have been many Percivals born to them. I haven't been able to connect any of my immediate family to Peter Percival of Lynsted or John and Sophie Percival of Bogle or their children Ann, William or Walter but I now live on Shooters Hill in the borough of Greenwich, just up the road from Woolwich. Do let me know if you have any more leads on the Percivals. 
Peter Percival    05 Dec 2010

Thanks you so much for that information. At the moment I'm not sure where they all fit either, but I'll certainly let you know when I've peiced the puzzle together.