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B Clemetson, tailor

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Nicole Nelms    28 Dec 2010
I wonder if anyone could provide any information/photographs, or know where I could obtain any, about Bertrand Clemetson, 'Practical Tailor'.

He was based in what is now Cancer Research shop in West Street, Faversham. I am window dresser for the shop, and would love to do a replica of his window!

Any help would be much appreciated!

Collette Post    30 Jan 2012
My paternal great grandfather, George Edwin Post, was a tailor born in Lynsted in 1875.

I was wondering where he worked as one after leaving the Faversham Union.

I would like to know if he had a shop of his own or worked for a tailors in the town.

I saw this about a tailor and wondered if George worked as an apprentice for this gentleman?
James Frost    20 Aug 2011
Hi Nicole

Bertrand Clemetson was my great grandfather, although I never knew him as he died in 1946 and I was born in 1959.

I do remember his wife, my great grandmother, who died when I was about six. Their daughter Mona (born 1908) was my father's mother.

If I can help in anyway, please get in contact.

Many thanks
Barrie Vinten    29 Jan 2011
This probably is of little use to Nicole for her window display but here is a bit of information about Eric Clemetson.

He sang as a tenor for many years in the choir of St Mary of Charity church. When we did oratorios he was invariably one of the soloists. He had a very distinctive sound to his voice and could handle the higher notes very well.

 I have a choir photo, which includes him, from 1953 if Nicole would like me to send her a digital copy.

He was also a keen member of the Faversham Lawn Tennis Club.

Sadly, Eric died in 1959 at the early age of 48.
Arthur Percival    30 Dec 2010

A photograph of the shop appeared in the Faversham News of 24 March 1988. Microfilms of the newspaper are kept at Faversham Library and you can get printouts at 50p a time.

He was Bernard, not Bertram, and lived from 1870 to 1946. He and his son Eric (1911-1939) were regular worshippers at St Mary of Charity and a pulpit crucifix there was given in their memory.   This was dedicated by the Archbishop of Canterbury in October 1961.

You might also want to email the Faversham Society's Museum at the Fleur de Lis Heritage Centre in Preston Street – – to see whether they have any relevant photographs or other material there.

Best wishes for the New Year – and the window always looks very nice!

Arthur Percival
Peter Stevens    29 Dec 2010
A photograph of Bertrand Clemetson standing in the shop doorway, with both windows fully stocked can be found on page 31 of Peter Kennett's book of Archive Photographs of Faversham. 
Bertrand was succeeded by his son Eric.

Peter Stevens
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