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Marjorie Stevens    12 Jan 2011
I would be grateful if someone can help regarding the following.

Does anyone have photographs/lists of members of the Home Guard? Or know where they might be found?

A distant relative of mine (Joseph C Howard) was living in Dunkirk in 1939 and probably during the whole of the Second World War. He may well have served in the Home Guard and I understand that it would probably have been a Company of the 9th Faversham Battalion. 

Information on members of the Home Guard is quite difficult to obtain but very many companies had group photographs taken.

Thank you for reading.

Marjorie Stevens
Steve Jessup    10 Feb 2016

I have some info about the 9th Battalion Faversham Home Guard on my Facebook page


William Ivory    21 May 2014

I have a large photograph of Faversham Home Guard taken, I believe, in a garden in The Mall. Both my grandfather and his brother are there.

I can e-mail a copy if anyone wants one.  
Arthur Percival    23 Jan 2011

If this is a family history query in disguise there is a Swoffer (sic) sleuth whose name and address I can give you if you email me at the address given on this website for the Faversham Tourist Information Centre.

Best wishes

Marjorie Stevens    21 Jan 2011
Thank you yet again, John, I do appreciate your help.

I have detailed family trees of both the Howard and relevant Swaffer families but no photograph of either of the two men I mentioned.  
I have a relative who is much closer connected to them than I am who would dearly love to see a photo of Joseph Howard and/or Ernest Swaffer but we have been unable to trace any.

It occurred to me that Home Guard photographs were a possibility, hence my request on here.


JOHN ROBERTSON    20 Jan 2011
Hello again

I have  looked at the named photographs again and there does not appear to be anyone by the name of Swaffer on them. There was quite a large family of Swaffers living in the Boughton, Dunkirk and Hernhill area at one time, so it might help if you traced backed through parish records.
Marjorie Stevens    17 Jan 2011
I would be grateful if you would have one more look at the named Home Guard photos and see if there are any men named Swaffer. I am particularly interested to know if an Ernest Swaffer served.

I should have thought to ask this in the first place.

Many thanks

Marjorie Stevens
Marjorie Stevens    16 Jan 2011
Thank you very much for your reply.

It is possible that a close relative of Joseph Howard's will be in Kent at some point during the year and I will pass your message on.  They may be able to call in to look at the un-named photos to see if they can spot him.

Many thanks for your interest.

Marjorie Stevens
JOHN ROBERTSON    15 Jan 2011
I am curator of photographs at the Heritage Centre, Faversham, and have found two large named photographs and two postcard size with no names.

Neither of the two large photos have the name of Joseph Howard on them.

If you wanted to see the two smaller photos you would have to come to the Heritage Centre in Preston Street, Faversham.
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