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Foveaux/Kirby family history

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Margaret Kazmierczak    04 Mar 2011
I wonder if someone can help me.

I am looking for a marriage confirmation for Richard Foveaux (1788) and Mary Kirby (1760). She may have a middle name of Isabella. I have searched the ancestry sites and the free BMD and have found nothing. They would have married around 1785 and it was suggested that it took place in Faversham.

I need confirmation of where and when, both full names and, if possible, parents' names and witness names, in other words the information that is shown on a marriage certificate, or parish marriage banns.

I would appreciate any help in this research.
Thank you.
Margaret Kazmierczak
Arthur Percival    04 Mar 2011

The Faversham Parish Church registers  have been transcribed only from 1620 to 1754.    The originals are at Canterbury Cathedral Library.   If you are not within easy reach, we (the Faversham Society) might be able to search them for you.   If you would like us to do this, please email me at the Society HQ -, marking the email for my atttentiion.

If Foveaux is a Huguenot name, have you tried the Huguenot Society Library in London?

Best wishes,

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